Why Support the Oregon Tuna Classic

It’s all about community and caring about our neighbors – In Oregon 1 in 5 families will need the assistance of the Oregon Food Bank during the year. The focus of these tournaments is to feed those in need, while having a good time and sharing our passion for fishing. Some of the tuna from the tournaments will go directly to the local coastal food bank as fresh caught and delivered to the people of that port community and some will be canned and provided to the Oregon Food Bank to also assist those in need along the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Food Bank is a non-profit corporation (which makes your contributions tax-deductible, as allowable by law) and was selected as Oregon’s most admired non-profit by 800 CEO’s and senior officers within Oregon operations. The Oregon Tuna Classic is proud to be a partner of an organization with such a worthwhile cause.

Sponsor Objective

The tournaments will need sponsor support for direct costs, canning of tuna and prizes. The Oregon Tuna Classic will make every effort to showcase and market our sponsors products and services to the hundreds of participants attending the tournament festivities, as well as the thousands of people who will be informed of our efforts through print, broadcast and other media at a local, regional and national level. We will proudly display sponsor flags or banners during these events.

Who’s Hungry

Hunger remains a huge problem in Oregon and Clark County, Wash. Those most likely to need emergency food are families and children. Most adults who receive emergency food are working, retired or disabled. And two-parent families make up the largest group of those receiving emergency food. In an average month, an estimated 200,000 people eat meals from an emergency food box provided by the Oregon Food Bank Network of 368 food pantries. A typical food box provides a three-to-five day supply of groceries. In addition, 175 soup kitchens and shelters provided 4-million emergency meals and 375 other agencies helped more than 87,000 people. Last year, Oregon Food Bank collected and distributed 30.7-million pounds of food. In total, the Oregon Food Bank Network of 919 agencies distributed 57.7-million pounds of food.

Why Are People Hungry

People are hungry because they don’t make enough money to cover basic living costs. The high cost of housing, health care, childcare and fuel make it difficult for low-income individuals and families to have enough money to pay for food.

  • 46 percent of households had at least one member working
  • 52 percent cite the high cost of food as the reason why they seek food assistance
  • 40 percent cite the high cost of fuel and heat, up from 31 percent in 2006 and 21 percent in 2002
  • 25 percent cite high medical costs
  • 25 percent cite low wages
  • 23 percent cite high rent or mortgage
  • 11 percent cite a recent job loss

For more information on becoming a sponsor contact:

Megan Waltosz

Sponsor Coordinator


Del Stephens



Garibaldi- Hundreds of fishermen and spectators will descend on this small harbor town this weekend for an event that s rapidly becoming an economic boon for the area. Garibaldi City Manager John O’Leary agreed the fishing event has a significant impact on the town s economy. He speculates the Tuna Classic might rival the annual Garibaldi Days in generating business.

Tillamook Headlight - Herald Newspaper

I’ve attended more charity events than I wish to count and I have to say yours stands out as one of the best. You made our decision easy for 2010 as we again look forward to participating in the Oregon Tuna Classic. You ve done a marvelous job of serving our interests, producing a remarkable event and generating considerable media attention. It gives us great pride to be a part of a cause so noble.

Dan Larson

President & CEO , Renaissance Marine Group/Weldcraft Boats

When I was first ask if we should be involved in this my first response was, another fishing tournament but when I was told about the cause I said let s do this . The enthusiasm in that tent was outstanding and I was happy to be a part of it. I also want to say from a corporate standpoint that I was happy of the recognition you gave Shimano and all the sponsors – even my competitors. You would be surprised how many events we have supported and hardly a mention made — it is obvious that you get it. I have recommended it to our marketing manager that we be involved in 2010.

Guy Johnson

Regional Sales Manager, Shimano America Corp